Incredible Treats is an online and offline service provider. We giving many an opportunity to treat themselves to the best quality there is. Our products are made from various types of leather, such as sheepskin, goat, cowhide, horse, buffalo and are imported from various reputable suppliers from various countries which we have thoroughly selected.

We understand the frustration and disappointment in finding good quality especially in this economy, consumers end up compromising quality with the price tag. Most of us can relate to the famous paraphrase by Shakespeare – “all that glisters is not gold”. Incredible Treats have made it its mission to provide 100% genuine best quality at a reasonable price.

We support Electronic Fund Transfers as our payment method. Deliveries are done to places around South Africa, normal shipping rates apply. We also welcome returns within 7 days of receiving the item if not satisfied with the quality of our products, terms and conditions apply.

We comply with the the Consumer Protection Act as stipulated in the Bill of Rights  of all South Africans.